This year the Vaurien Worlds is taking place at the ‘Sneekermeer’ located near the city of Sneek(pronounced as Snake). Sneek is one of the famous “eleven cities” in Friesland. These cities are connected by canals. For many centuries transport by boat, or in winter by ice-skating, was much more important than road traffic between the cities. The Eleven Cities have become famous because of the long distance ice skating race which is held in winter when the ice is strong enough- the last race was in 1997!

The best known monument of Sneek is the last surviving city gate ‘de Waterpoort’, translated in English: the Watergate. De Waterpoort is bridging one of the many canals throughout the city and it was built in 1492.

Other cultural locations to visit are the theatre, the museums – for example the Frysian schipping industry museum -, the architecture of the houses within the old centre and many more. Another option is to enjoy yourself on the many terraces, cafes and restaurants situated in the city centre.

However, besides these museums, the varied shopping centre and the numerous terraces, cafes and restaurants, Sneek is mostly known for the sailing. Not surprising, due to the fact that a big lake, de Sneekermeer, which is located only five kilometres from the heart of Sneek. The Sneekermeer is the site for many sailing regatta’s.

The main event of the year is the annual Sneekweek. It will be the 80th time this has been held- as is custom in the first week of August. During this week about 1000 participants will battle in 30 different classes to win the grand prize ‘het Sneekweekbord’: a traditionally handmade plate of china bone.

During this week, while the sailors are busy with sailing, many tourists will visit Sneek in order to enjoy the festivities and the music. Experience the feeling of ‘gezelligheid’, the word which can’t be translated to another language.

As the Sneekweek starts shortly after the Vaurien Worlds, you will have the perfect opportunity to join us in the worlds biggest in land sailing event- and the best parting you have ever experienced.

We hope you will all visit our beautiful city Sneek and we will see everyone during the Worlds and perhaps de Sneekweek this summer.