The Sneekermeer is a lake that originated from the stabbing of peat in the middleages. Nowadays it is a popular lake for watersports. The Royal Yachtclub Sneek, the KWS, calls this water her home.

Now for the water, it is sweet, good sailing water, so no rinsing off Vauriens after the regatta. Although it is nothing like an ocean, the sailing can be spectaculair and there is rarely lack of wind. For Europe’s largest inshore sailing regatta, the Sneekweek, the course takes us through the neighbouring lakes as well, but the 2015 Vaurien Worlds will only use the Sneekermeer itself.

With approximately 16 km2 of inshore sailing water the Sneekermeer provides for regatta’s en training almost on a daily basis. The regatta traingcentre, the Roerkoning, is not only the perfect port of deparure to sail from, a meeting point for sailors, but provides a sleep- and showerfacility as well.

The homebase of the regatta centre is situated on an island in the middle of the Sneekermeer, we call it het Starteiland, officially it is called Kolmeersland. Not only the Roerkoning is built there on the Northeast side, but on the Southside we have the Starttoren, and the most popular restaurant and pub, it Foarûnder, in the proximity of the Sneekermeer.

The island can be reached with a ferry, the passage only takes a few minutes. You can take your Vaurien, your tent, your camper and your trailer with you to the island. On the Island you can camp during the whole Worldchampionships. There is outstanding sanitation, and you can have 230V, wifi, and access to drinkingwater. When you are settled we have a special parking spot for all boatless roadtrailers, and cars, back on the other side.

The Starteiland features three harbours with small and large berths. All berths have access to 230V and drinkingwater. Most of the Dutch competitors don’t camp with a tent or camper, but use the harbour for their motherships. So if you are not a camping enthousiast, it is an idea, maybe, to rent a boat with one of the many boatlease companies in Friesland, and join the team in the harbour.

Being in such close proximity of each other, staying at and sailing from the same Starteiland, the opportunities for swimming, fishing, and sporting with other competitors will be excellent. On top of this our shorecommittee is planning for a variety of activities in the afternoon and evening during our Worldchampionship.

We invite you to het Sneekermeer, and to our Starteiland. And hope you will have a succesfull Worldchampionship in your Vaurien.